We held a "live" event on the 14th October to discuss the Statement of Needs required by EPSRC for the renewal of this National Research Facility. We would like to engage with as many members of the community as possible who have used, are using or might use the ion beam facilities available at the UKNIBC. Feel free to leave comments on the sections and add your voice to the value of the facilities that we, as the National Centre, provide.

The Statement of Needs for the UK National Ion Beam Centre

The Statment of Needs (SoN) is a form that we are asked by EPSRC to prepare with the input from our user community. We need to ensure that we are providing the facilities that you as users require. We also need to be sure that we are not failing to provide something that you would like to see and/or might require in the future that you feel we are not doing currently.
On the 14th October we will present what facilities currently exist with in the UKNIBC as well as planned upgrades to the facilities over the next few years. The presentations are already available on our website from the User Day we held earlier this summer. We will go through these on the 14th (now gone) and answer and questions you might have. We are keen to capture comments on these and to recieve any comments on the statement of needs itself. The sections of which are presented here along with any comments you make.
To leave comments you will need to register and in so doing we would like to be able to use your details in the application as being part of the consultation process. If you have nothing to say but are keen to use the facilities and willing to add your name to the statement of needs then please also register.
The Statement of Need consists of 8 elements with a very fixed character limit. The sections of the SoN are shown in the menu to the left. Please add you voice - even if it is only to say you agree with what is said.
Thanks for your help with this.

Even though the Live Session is now over we are still keen to capture your thoughts and wishes on teh statement of needs so you are welcome to continue to leave comments up until the end of October. After this we will add all your comments into the SoN and then email a copy of the document to all of our current and future users to ensure it reflects your needs. We will then ask one more time if you are able to sign up to this document and if we can add you to the author list.