Antimicrobial properties of Ag-C nanocomposite coatings for aerospace application

Cluster production using physical methods provides many advantages compared with chemical ones, such as much better control on size distribution and the minimised impact on environment. On the other hand, their slow deposition rate has inhibited the physical approaches from being used more widely.

In this work we would like to show the production and characterization of Silver-Carbon nanocomposite coatings for antimicrobial applications in the aerospace industry. Ag clusters were deposited and embedded into a matrix of Graphit-iCTM coating onto stainless steel (304) substrates using the combination of a gas aggregation cluster source, for Ag clusters, and several standard magnetrons, for the amorphous carbon coatings (Graphit-iC, which is sp2 carbon dominated). Similar samples were prepared using an Ag target on a standard magnetron instead of a cluster source. Results are then compared for the influence of Ag loading, in the case of a standard Ag magnetron, and of the two different Ag coatings on their bactericidal properties.


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