Comparisons of XPS depth profile analysis and molecular dynamic simulations of Arn+ cluster ion bombardment of GaAs

The short presentation gives an overview of my EngD research project sponsored by the University of Surrey Ion Beam Centre and Thermo Fisher Scientific. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) quantitative analysis of chemical compositions of GaAs wafer was determined using cluster ion beam (Arn ) bombardment to investigate the impact of beam energy per atom (E/n) and cluster size. The concentrations of Ga and As deviated from the expected 1:1 ratio when recording the depth profile using Ar75+, Ar300+, Ar1000+  cluster ions due to the preferential removal of As. Molecular dynamic simulations were performed to model the interactions of different sized argon clusters with GaAs to provide information on the underlying processes that results in the preferential sputtering of As.


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