Diffusiophoresis-driven Stratification of Polymers in Colloidal Films by Malin Schulz (PhD student)

Multi-layered films are used for numerous applications, ranging from pharmaceuticals to automobiles. Typically, each individual layer must be deposited individually, which adds to the total cost and time for production. Self-stratification offers the possibility of depositing two (or more) layers of coating with one single application and designing surface properties. However, there is still more research needed until self-stratification becomes fully controllable.

The work presented here has been part of my PhD project to understand how stratification can be controlled and find analytical techniques to quantify the amount of stratification. We show how stratification can be explained with the help of two models using diffusiophoresis and how we can use elastic recoil detection to detect the distribution of the components if one of them is deuterated. 

Our experiments show that we can tune the final composition of a drying film by simply changing the drying conditions (e.g. through higher temperature).

Thank you for your interest in my work and please leave a comment below if you have any questions.


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