FIB Sources Manufacturing: Exotic LM(A)IS for Ion Implantation

We have established our own source fabrication lab to produce strategic alloys. The aim of this LM(A)IS manufacturing lab is to make our own sources to satisfy demand on our single ion implantation instrument (SIMPLE) to produce implanted devices for quantum and other applications.

The first step of the LM(A)IS manufacturing is sharpening a tip using a FIB. By using a FIB instead of the electrochemical etching, we are able to use any material as tip, including tungsten, gold, or niobium. Those tips have a high production yield, can help the wettability, and can be shaped using different patterns, such as 4-sided pyramid or conical. The introduction of an automated process combining a Rocking Stage and milling patterns allowed the production of conical tips in a shorter period of time.

By analysing phases diagrams we can combine different demanded metals in a single alloy, which increases SIMPLE productivity. The alloys made so far incude Au-Ge, Au-Si, Bi-In, and Au-Te.



2020-06-26 16:58:34

There is possible to modify (implanting ions) a field emission tip, in order to change the tunelling voltage? Any way, this is an amazing work.

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