Single Ion Implantation at the IBC

This presentation showcases the Single Ion Implant lab at the ion beam centre – housing two new instruments the LMIG and Duoplasmatron SIMPLE (Single Ion Implantation at Low Energy) tools.

The difficulty of single ion implantation is accurately counting the ion impacts. This has been achieved here through the detection of secondary electrons generated upon each ion impact.

We report implantation of single bismuth ions with different charge states into Si, Ge, Cu and Au substrates, and we determine the counting detection efficiency for single ion implants and the factors which affect such detection efficiencies.

We found that for 50 keV implants of Bi++ into silicon we can achieve a 89% detection efficiency, the first quantitative detection efficiency measurement for single ion implants into silicon without implanting through a thick SiO2 film. This level of counting accuracy provides implantation of single impurity ions with a success rate significantly exceeding that achievable by random (Poissonian) implantation.

The latest publication on the work determining the single ion detection efficiencies can be accessed here:



2020-07-08 17:02:21

I would liek to know, if you have a plan to implant Fe, Cr or O in a near future?

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