Using RBS to study the effects of polymer cross-linking on the surfactant migration in adhesive films.

This short presentation gives an overview of the work I have been doing during my PhD at the University of Surrey, using Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry to study the surfactant distribution in adhesive films. Adhesive films have wide ranging applications such as tapes, labels, plasters and protective coatings. High performance of these adhesive films is of critical importance, and this performance is known to be negatively affected by surfactant enrichment at the surfaces of adhesive films. My work has attempted to control the dsitrbution of surfactants in these film by changing the extent to which the polymer chains are cross-linked in the films. The distribution of surfactants has been studied using RBS, which has been used to identify the location and quantitiy of sulfur and sodium, who's source is the surfactant. Future work is planned at the Surrey Ion Beam Centre to perform both further RBS, as well as using Elastic Recoil Detection (ERD) to identify the distribution of deuterated surfactant in the films. 


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